From time to time we are looking for a very special homes for our older cats or special needs kittens. 
They will be vaccinated and neutered prior to leaving.
All our cats are on raw meat only, no commercial diet.


We are looking for an extra quiet home with a patient and understanding owner for our Marion (she was born in March 2013).
She's a quite independent girl, everything must be on her terms. She can play as a kitten, come for cuddles or vanish for few days. All depends on her mood.
She's used to cats and dogs but doesn't cope well with changes so has to placed as an only pet.
She CAN'T be allowed to roam unsupervised at any point but would benefit from access to secured outdoor space. Normal, 6ft garden fence is INSUFFICIENT. Proper cat proof system or catio has to be in place. She should be fine as an indoor only cat but will need a bit of time to adjust.
Adoption fee apply.